graphic chasing lobsters the world is your oyster versus lobster

Growing up, my wonderful Dad (pictured below) would say to us, "My darlings, the world is your lobster!"  I've since discovered this play on words of ‘The world is your oyster,' originates from various comedy golds, but for me, it came from my Dad! 'Pop' always encouraged us to believe that in life we could do, be, see and achieve whatever we wanted – the world was ours to make of it what we willed;

~ the world was our lobster!


This lesson came up trumps during a challenging career pause when my husband's career took us overseas (more on that here), and ever since this ethos has been the cornerstone of my goals, choices, business ventures, life adventures, health behaviours and more. That simple lesson has become more meaningful to me than I think Dad ever knew it would. I thank my Dad everyday for his lessons, his love and his inspiration to chase our dreams, or rather, chase our lobsters!

I now hope through sharing healthy insights, tips, tricks and mindset practices I can inspire you in just the same way towards the healthy, vibrant, contented life you so deserve!

This is chasing lobsters and you are so very welcome!