by Georgina Muir

Pffffff… what to write, what to write???

Being amidst another international move means I am (we are) in a melting pot of challenge.

Usually these challenges provide me with inspiration for something I can share with you all - a lesson I’ve learnt that I feel (hope) translates to useful inspiration for you.

Yet this week, I am feeling so lost within it all, I don’t know where to start.

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by Georgina Muir

Moving through your day with ease requires a number of things; clear intentions, a kind and compassionate mind, food and fluid for fuel, and a mobile, comfortable body.

I hope this blog post helps you to address at least one of these.

I believe that if there’s one thing that keeps us feeling young, it’s ease of movement - pain-free, full mobility. Having smoothly gliding joints and muscles that allow us to spring up from the floor, move around with ease, play about and enjoy life in our bodies - that’s priceless!

And yet SOOO many of us neglect it.

I certainly did. Were it not for those horrendous stretch sessions within my dance classes when younger, I dread to think what my incredibly (and incredible) active childhood would have done to my body. So whilst I was the girl reaching for her knees as all the other dancers basically had their noses’ on the floor, at least THEN I was giving my body a little TLC!

My return to stretching over a decade later and my battle with my lead-like limbs is another story for another time, but I wanted to get started today but sharing a few of the basic stretches that helped me shift my rigid body into something that surprised me with it’s capacity for mobility and bendyness.

So here are 5 of my ‘go-to’ stretches, to ease my body and mobilise my joints. Details on when and how to perform these are below.

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