by Georgina Muir

Why I want you to fail (forwards)


To try and fail is far more valuable than to never try at all because with every failure comes a lesson.

It may sting, it may be tricky to see but it's always there, and when appreciated, these lessons can powerfully steer future attempts so that every 'failure' in fact was a step towards success.

This is how I approach making shifts in all aspects of my life - health, business, fitness, finances, relationships.

Did that approach to exercise achieve what I want?

Did I succeed in making the healthy choice in that social situation?

Did my planning create the routine I desire?

Did I process my thoughts and emotions well enough that I effectively communicated my needs?

Whenever the answer to these sorts of questions is 'No', this is not a failure, it is merely a lesson on how to not approach it next time; guidance on what not to repeat; clues to the winning solution.

We fail. It happens. So I urge you to search for those valuable lessons so that when you fail, you always fail forwards.

Have a great week!