by Georgina Muir

Fitness and flexibility are like training dog obedience;

  • Hard to master
  • Seem to take forever to develop
  • Disappear rapidly if not consistently trained and reinforced
  • Threaten your ego and pride when they don't go well

Trust me - a dog failing to walk nicely to heel when she used to do it really well, is as demoralising as a failed push up that used to feel easy, or stretching for your toes that you used to be able to hold.

Instantly all former efforts SEEM worthless and frustration FEELS inevitable.

But they're not, and it isn't!

Your response and therefore how you experience the experience, is a choice. 

When Rua drives me mad on walks, instead of losing my s**t with her, I try to take a breath, acknowledge us both for being there, doing our best and try not to let frustration ruin my enjoyment.

I apply the same approach to workouts. I acknowledge myself for showing up and doing the work no matter what my ability or performance.

Yes these things can feel frustrating, but don't let that frustration detract from your 'win'.

Because just showing up, being there and doing it, is ALWAYS a win!

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