by Georgina Muir

Pffffff… what to write, what to write???

Being amidst another international move means I am (we are) in a melting pot of challenge.

Usually these challenges provide me with inspiration for something I can share with you all - a lesson I’ve learnt that I feel (hope) translates to useful inspiration for you.

Yet this week, I am feeling so lost within it all, I don’t know where to start.

I could tell you about how buying a sofa in Istanbul triggered the first teary meltdown of this move. (A lesson on self-worth and creating a home you love.)

I could speak on how I’ve struggled to uphold my beloved meditation practice recently. (A lesson on how disconnecting and numbing ourselves to circumstances never works.)

I could share about the lovely evening Graham and I had, talking about our lives in Turkey - all that we’ll miss, all that we won’t, and all that we’re excited about moving towards. (A lesson on reflection, gratitude, building connection and creating a vision for you future.)

I could also talk about how last week my abs truly gave up the ghost and I developed an abdominal hernia. HARRRRUMPH! (A lesson in unconditional self-love, how our bodies reflect our circumstances and that reaching out to good friends for support is gold-dust.)

And whilst that barely touches the surface of all that’s going on over here, I am still at a loss for what to write.

So instead I think I’ll just share.

I think i’ll share that whilst there are challenges, I really am doing ok.

Whilst some self-care has fallen to the wayside I’m still showing up, doing what I can and always learning along the way.

Kindness is key.

Chocolate does help.

Connection is hard to maintain but ALWAYS worth it. (Connection to self, to Graham and to others.)

Good food and movement feels like a big hug to me - and the moments I am face deep in bread and chocolate is just a signal I need that hug ALL the more.

Green tea gives me life.

Wim Hof is onto something with the cold showers. (Google him!)

The tools I’ve worked so hard to develop, refine and utilise as I navigate these waters are PRICELESS!

My coach is a total dreamboat (yes I have one too!) and worth every. single. penny.


Life is full of ups and downs, lefts and rights, ins and outs, but if we do our best to navigate those with as much grace, compassion and kindness as we can muster, then really, it’s pretty wonderful.

So despite how the above may sound, all is well over here, and for that I am so grateful.

So much love to you,