Photo of health and wellness coach Georgie Muir smiling, with quote from Paulo Coelho "One day or day one, you decide".



I’m Georgie.

We’ve not met yet but I know your chiropractor has sent you here because you are a deeply valued patient.

I also know that if you’re reading this, perhaps your health, your body and life in general just aren’t quite as you’d imagined.

Maybe you’re in pain or seem to be constantly falling ill. Perhaps you’re fed up with how your body looks and feels, or you’re struggling with non-existent energy levels. Are you afraid your best is behind you? 

My hunch is you’ve tried many times to make healthy changes and sometimes you’ve managed, but more often you haven’t. All too easily you get bogged down with everything and everyone else that requires your attention.

You’re stuck between wanting to see shifts happen, but not wanting to say goodbye to everything you love to get there.

I know this too-ing and fro-ing between enthusiastic health-efforts and failing at seeing them through is doing nothing for your frustration, self-esteem and fears. I know - I've been there!

Well firstly...

Please stop worrying and then take some credit! Being where you are with your chiropractic care, and reading this letter means that you’ve already taken some incredibly empowering steps towards reclaiming your health and moving towards the healthy, happy you you dream of.

I know it can feel incredibly overwhelming. Wherever we look there’s another ‘something’ we ought to all be doing for our health and our bodies. It’s exhausting and raises the toughest question of ‘where do I even begin?’. The answer? Right here, right now!

You deserve to feel good, love your body and to be consistently showing up for yourself in a way that makes you proud, full of life and feeling great!

Not sure how to get there?

This is where I come in.

I am a wellness consultant and coach with an incredible passion for helping people achieve their dreams of vibrant living. My chiropractic, functional health and nutritional training all come to the table as I help people reach their health goals.

I support people, just like you, in discovering empowering habits and routines around food, exercise, and emotions that work specifically for them! The moment you stop trying to mould yourself to fit someone else’s model, and start connecting with YOUR needs and YOUR desires, is when you can reduce or eliminate feelings of restriction, control and failure and master healthy behaviours in a way that brings you joy and success.

With clear goals, adaptable plans, consistent accountability and support, I’ll help you break down old, destructive patterns that are holding you back and introduce new, healthy habits that flow consistently and joyfully into all areas of your life.

The reality is that mastering lasting change isn’t easy unless you know how! So, I invite you to a complimentary 60 minute Discovery Consultation and to take your first step towards that healthy, vibrant life that you so desire and deserve. Schedule your no-obligation session now by clicking the button below, or for more information simply fill out the form underneath with your query and you'll be contacted promptly. Once you've scheduled your call you'll shortly receive an email from me with more information and tools to get started with.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!

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